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Zerenex Molecular offers a unique and diverse collection of over 1 million (Novel Chemical Entities – NCE™) heterocyclic (small (hetero) cyclic (fused) ring compounds with one or more chemical handles) such as imidazoles, pyridines, pyrazines etc as well as a variety of alycyclic (piperizines, piperidines, spiro) and substituted aromatic compounds for hit-to-lead, lead optimization, and medicinal chemistry programs.

The majority of our compounds are available in multi-gram quantities (1-100g) with a min purity of 95% which make them suitable for high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis or scale-up of lead compounds. Many of the intermediates are offered ex-stock and we typically aim to despatch within 24-48 hours of receiving an order. Where a compound is out of stock we will proactively provide an expected lead-time and delivery date.

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Tafinlar and Mekinist led to a 56% overall response rate in children with BM-HGG.
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Recent launch of several new categories of compound which include the spirocyclic β-Lactams designed...
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